What New Year’s resolutions will you make this year?

So a brand new year is upon us. If like me, you start every year with a few resolutions, why not apply this same principle to your business. Unlike the personal ones like ‘go to the gym five times a week’ and ‘give up chocolate’ (pah, like that’s ever going to happen) – why not start the new business year with resolutions that will help you achieve your business goals?

Here are some of the resolutions I would advise business leaders to make this year.  Use them to write your 2013 business resolutions:

  1. Have a plan – a business without a sound marketing plan will waste money, time and efforts.
  2. Set clear objectives – make sure your whole organisation understands where you are going and staff understand how they can help you achieve the goals.
  3. Be clear about who you are targeting – understand your existing customer base and who you want to target this year. Focus on the most profitable and easy to reach segments. Be specific.
  4. Get content savvy – sharing great content through your social media channels, website, PR and email creates boundless opportunities. If done right it is extremely low cost and high return. Become experts in your field.
  5. Innovate – come up with a simple, yet highly creative marketing idea that engages your customers on an emotional level. This will be much more cost-effective than sending the same marketing materials that everyone else does. Target a small number of customers you really want to work with.
  6. Compel your customers to buy – does your brand really communicate what makes you different? If not, understand your competitive advantage and make sure your brand screams it from the rooftops. Make your brand your best sales person.
  7. Integrate – real return on investment can be achieved if you integrate your marketing, across multiple channels.
If you need more ideas, or examples contact us today.