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Full brand and marketing strategy for Chantry Kitchens

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Chantry Kitchens design and manufacture bespoke kitchens. They have two divisions, retail and contracts. With showrooms in Harrogate and York and a heritage spanning some 20 years, the business is well-established. Their market is highly competitive and the recession had meant that the retail side of the business had been severely hit by the financial downturn. However it was evident that a small number of Chantry’s competitors were thriving despite the recession due to their excellent marketing activity.

Chantry Kitchens knew that they needed to develop a marketing strategy to allow them to grow in the market conditions they were experiencing. Their aim was to return their retail business to their pre-recession income levels and really boost the brand becoming a dominant player in their market. They evaluated a number of marketing consultancies and chose to work with Circle.


The marketing strategy began with a period of market analysis and insight gathering. We ran a series of internal consultations with the senior staff and a number of Chantry’s key customers were telephone interviewed. The questions asked were created to assess Chantry’s reputation, what made them unique and how the brand is currently viewed. We wanted to highlight, through the insight gathering, any key areas of competitive advantage that would give us standout and also recognise any areas of improvement.

We also conducted a thorough competitor review. It was clear that some of their competitors were thriving due their marketing activity and excellent positioning. The wider market analysis also gave us some interesting understandings which we used to reposition the business. The high-end luxury kitchen market was experiencing growth, whilst the lower end kitchen market was being worst affected. The recession meant that Chantry had been reducing pricing and sporadically marketing their product in a way that aimed at this lower end, those worst affected. Yet Chantry have a high-end, quality, bespoke product much better suited the more discerning customer. We simply needed to realign the existing products with the right markets and create a new marketing message and activities to capture them. This repositioning was the main focus of their new strategy.

This intensive period of insight was then used to create a full marketing strategy, mapping out in detail their new positioning, growth strategies, promotional plans, pricing and much more. The whole strategy was first presented to the senior management team and an action plan and full marketing budget were created and approved, ready for implementation.

We began by developing a new brand identity and strapline to communicate their key strengths; quality, individuality and style. The new identity was crafted in a palette of colours synonymous with these lifestyle ideals and similar to hand painted kitchens in rich, warm Farrow and Ball colours that screamed quality.

Circle have developed a new brochure, stationery, van livery, signage, numerous advertising campaigns, new social media platforms and wrote and project managed the new website, working with Ascensor who designed and built the site and run the SEO campaigns. We conducted a number of photo-shoots with Set Visions, using real customer’s kitchens and used these images in all the new communications. All the various suppliers from photographers, sign makers, website developers, SEO and print are assessed, selected and project managed by Circle.


Incoming leads have doubled. The SEO activity and new website has seen website visitors increase to twice the number of those achieved last year, bounce rates are down and people are spending three times as long on the site, even though there is less content. The site is more sticky. The traffic is also now 100% focused on their target markets and keywords, whereas it was previously unsolicited traffic with high bounce rates. The whole strategy and relaunch was delivered within 6 months.

  • Strategy and full rebrand delivered within 6 months
  • An average of 130 additional leads per month tracked via advertising campaigns, online brochures requests and search engine marketing
  • New website has 8331% more visits
  • Customers are spending 12% more time on the site
  • Bounce rates (people viewing the site and immediately leaving) have reduced by 47%

“Having Laura on board as our marketing director has transformed the way we market Chantry Kitchens. We now have the right strategy in place and a brand, imagery, website, brochure, stationery and signage that communicate our strengths, all aimed at a clear target market. Laura does everything a full time marketing director would do from running all our advertising campaigns, to writing the copy and managing suppliers to get the most from our business. It’s all backed up by a sound marketing strategy which means we are really focused on what we want and getting the best results. I am really excited to see what the future holds for us and having Laura and her team at Circle looking after us has been invaluable.”

Graham WareManaging Director, Chantry Kitchens