Good marketing copy: to capitalise, or not to capitalise?

Anyone who has worked with me will know I spend a lot of time creating powerful marketing messages. One of my biggest bugbears in copy is the overuse of capitals or Title Case. There is a trend in business writing to turn words into capitals, making the word sound ever so important.

The problem is, it doesn’t. It also isn’t grammatically correct. What’s worse, it makes it much harder to digest the information. With so much noise in the marketplace, it is essential that your customers can quickly and easily digest your marketing message. If not, you may well lose them. So please, no more capitals.

So your headings should not be in capitals. Those products that aren’t really products, they shouldn’t be in title case, departments definitely not, anything you are trying to make seem important, please beware. Unless it’s a proper noun, place or person it shouldn’t be in capitals. If you are just not sure leave the capitals out.

Here’s what the most influential newspapers say about the overuse of capital letters.

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Buy cheap buy twice: Could you be de-valuing your business?

One of my friends has this great phrase “buy cheap, buy twice”. I got to thinking about it recently when I chose a cheap (well cheaper) brand.  A few months later, I inevitably trudged back to the shops to purchase the number one, expensive brand. That phrase has been rattling around my head ever since. It proves a point that I discuss with many of my clients about positioning, brand value and pricing. There’s a good reason why brands hold the number one spot and are ‘reassuringly expensive’.

This product was a boring old vacuum cleaner. And the brand was of course, Dyson.  Known for their innovation and five year guarantees, my little cup of joy overflowed using this spanking new vacuum cleaner.  Sad, I know.  But there’s something so satisfying about parting with the kind of money that would get you a nice European city break if immediately you can see it was money well spent.

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What New Year’s resolutions will you make this year?

So a brand new year is upon us. If like me, you start every year with a few resolutions, why not apply this same principle to your business. Unlike the personal ones like ‘go to the gym five times a week’ and ‘give up chocolate’ (pah, like that’s ever going to happen) – why not start the new business year with resolutions that will help you achieve your business goals?

Here are some of the resolutions I would advise business leaders to make this year.  Use them to write your 2013 business resolutions:

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We unveil a new look for accountancy firm Jolliffe Cork

Jolliffe Cork is one of the largest independent firm of accountants in West Yorkshire.  They have been in business since 1951.  Circle were invited to pitch for this prestigious re-brand and multi-channel marketing project, against 2 other agencies. We were delighted to win and have transformed the Jolliffe Cork brand, repositioning them through a new communications and brand strategy. We have since developed a new brand image and logo, website, stationery, signage and social media presence.

We have also developed a new brand for their sister organisation, previously called Jolliffe Cork Consulting. We came up with a new name, Jolliffe Business Solutions and developed this new brand and stationery.

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A new look for sheet metal company, Allsops

Allsops have been in business for over fifty years and have recently enjoyed rapid expansion. They turned to We Are Circle to help them re-position the company. We have developed a full communications platform including; new brand messaging, imagery and compelling copy.  They now have a brochure, website, PowerPoint and e-newsletter that reflect their strong position in the market.  Take a look in our portfolio.

Thinking of outsourcing your marketing? You’re not alone….

The latest figures show that more and more businesses are choosing to use freelancers.  According to a report by PCG, freelancers are contributing as much as 8 per cent of UK private sector output, with around 1.56million freelancers working in the UK.

Choosing to outsource key functions like marketing has numerous advantages.  Today’s businesses are faced with an increased need for powerful strategic marketing to raise awareness, retain existing customers and grow new revenue streams.  Yet many cannot afford to recruit a full time Marketing Director. With a lack of internal resource, time and skills marketing often takes a back seat. Mistakes are made, delays occur and costs spiral out of control.

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